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Building a Shipping Container Home | PART2 Moving, Cutting, and Framing a Container House

I keep skin, we all know the importance of adding value to your place and if you were looking to get inspired, it doesn’t get bigger than this granny flats are the solution to a whole heap of renault problems, more space for much less renovation, chaos they’re an Efficient and affordable way to extend, but for Debbie there are other reasons why a granny flat was perfect for her situation. In the long run, I’ve got two young daughters that may need somewhere to live and also got parents that one day if they need that, I could help them out so you’re, giving yourself options for the future really solutely and that you know it’ll, look great too. What’S the make up of the actual rooms within it, okay it’ll be like a kitchenette and living space, yeah bedroom and combined bathroom and laundry. So just in a couple of weeks from now, this is gon na be a totally different backyard. Are you excited or nervous? I’M very excited, I’m excited for you, so mommy. What color is the word rebel in rebel sport, black red, a single mom with three daughters and a full-time job. Debbie’S got a lot on her plate already, but through her work as a family therapist, someone very special came into her life. I met Christy when she was 12 when she came into our program. She was having trouble at school as well and helping her get through her different stages. We have a special bond yeah, so um as she got older. She found herself pregnant and in a bit of a situation she’s due next month, so to have her to have somewhere, which is the independent, but also have support, was a really big thing to consider, and you guessed it our granny flats. First role is to be a home for Christy and her new Bob. You guys, are also gon na get back so much from having this another little darling baby around. Oh absolutely, I can’t wait to meet off yeah how exciting the beauty of going prefab is that it doesn’t interrupt your day-to-day life nearly as much as a normal renter, and that means less mess and less stress. Well here it is Debbie’s brand-new, 9 meter, long home and craning it into a backyard. That’S not for the faint-hearted and you you are like the Karma’s human being in the world, I’m having a heart attack watching your ears. I know my before I could spit dick, but yeah I’ve seen it many times before, and this is probably one of the simpler jobs. Are you a Jake one of the simpler ones? Yes, how does this size of the portable home compared to what you offer? That’S about our medium size. We do go up to a 14 meter. Now pricing wise I’m for the one like Debbie’s bought you’re looking about $ 30,000 come and they go up to about $ 48,000 all right. So that’s obviously fully fitted out fitted out, but you can get it at different stages. We’Ve done now where we’re gon na fit it out exactly right. It will build to whatever level the customer wants to I’ll try and save them, some money that is brilliant, and what are we looking at as far as time, wise you’re, looking at 4 to 6 weeks for our buildings, 46.6 works. It’S how you able to do it like that? Oh a lot of guys but know what they’re doing and obviously you’re in a contained space to be building yeah. So we’re gon na be factory back in claiming everything sort of streamlined and got the processes down. Pack, can you very close to the house you’re gon na counter? We want to turn this granny flat and my card into something special for Debbie. So we’ve set ourselves a budget of 50 grand Debbie spent $ 25,000. Remember it’s not fitted out, so that leaves us 25 grand to split between the interiors that have and the surrounding landscaping. Just the two men I was hoping to soon. That’S an official life. Look, it really isn’t how fabulous is a granny favor awesome, all the hard works done? Look, it is, but we need to turn it into a home now yeah. We want to make it look like it’s meant to be here yeah. I reckon that’s something we can do got a cabbage yeah. Definitely you’re gon na be vulgar ease. Now I can’t wait. Come lookin time, you’re the brains. Look, Oh God we’re in trouble Adam and Jason. We have quite a challenge ahead of us. You do understand we’re! No time pressure here we have a baby on the way. Congratulations, not me not me, okay, so we have time pressure. We also want to set ourselves a challenge of getting this place ready for under 50 grand yeah. So I want your ideas for inside and out so a lot of that’s already gone in what we’re looking at yeah. We have a little bit of a spin all right. What I reckon is because you’ve got the house and the granny flat you want to make it feel like it’s, a house yep, not a tackle, so make sure you build gun bit like in the Impa theater and face the green cuz. That is an asset all right. Well, it is a huge yard, so you better get started and go look inside good one. Nice thanks for the help come on Dan. You can help me mate. What do you think at this is a fantastic spicy? Look right! Ain’T! No missus I’d love a blank canvas. This is definitely here. It is that we’ve got the flooring and skirting sound painted in it’s all wired up with electrical ready to go. The plumbing is ready to basically be connected, but this is where you’re allowed to be creative. We need to think space-saving ideas, multi-purpose furniture – if we can yes, definitely for hearing him, possibly a galley kitchen across the back with compact appliances, a bit of bench, space and plenty of storage and then what the lounge room here, yeah man dream here bedroom we need To consider there’s gon na be cotton. This has come on, bedroom, come nursery, but sorry storage, definitely yeah, but I need your genius in the bathroom yeah cuz to get a laundry and obviously, as though combined bathroom laundry gon na host our definitely got some good ideas, but even coming out. Obviously, when we came in here is a big step. So when you come here to a nice deck, okay and then you can step down onto Jackson’s amphitheater area too. We still be able to maybe have like work with. Jase has some foliage to soften the front. Yeah, I could do a step in so obviously at the front when you’re looking at the granny flat, so yeah, definitely Joe whatever you want onto my cap, let’s compress be with your baby or noise, I’m a career boys and natori. Well, if you’re not gon na help, me are gon na help myself it’ll get rid of the grass and then I’ll be able to leave early so far. I could probably leave this thing with it. Well, you’re at it. You want to check the ogre on and dig me whole song. Ah, you can bring the older brother, so you bought your cannons. You know why you guys get down to hard work. I have some hard work of my own. I’M going shopping, Oh favorite job say I have to stop a bunny shoot. So, with the first attachment I can break up the grass it’s just a matter of moving the trencher over the surface to scuff it up yeah, because JC’s busy at the back digging the holes. For me, I want to keep things moving, so I’m making a subfloor at the front in two sections that way I can just carry it in and attach it to the post now, because Jase wanted to plant some greenery up against the granny flat just to break Up that front place, I’ve stepped the second frame in a little bit which will leave him a 500 mil gap to clean your right, John. I positively despise clothes shopping, but if I’m sure the good things for around the home, I could do it all day. Now. Here we’re looking for a kitchen and we want to save some dollars, so the easiest way to do that is a caboodle kitchen. Sure it’s do-it-yourself takes a little bit more time, but it sure does save you on the money from now. As far as color schemes, we’re gon na stick with one of the classics, black and white, and the reason we’re sticking with his color scheme. Is we want to want as a small room, to look as big as we can, even though it’s gon na be jam-packed. Full of storage, all right next up a sink. The tip here is didn’t, have anything there’s two oversized in the kitchen. We just want a compact see with a little drain and that if I can fit the bill, this cord safe, no in the bathroom, much like the kitchen, if you buy your shower screen in a modular pack, and do it yourself, you will save money all you Have to do is make sure you get your acrylic shower. Wall you’ll still have to waterproof. You get your little base and you get your frame shower screen. Now, all up a most of the thing like this there’s some $ 500 bargain time to get a mixer. You know I actually once got a mixer for my anniversary for my husband. That’S how much I love these sort of stuff. So let’s have a look want some pretty basic square profile. That’S a look! What’S that one room, Coco Loco, Coco time to pay! My team. Do it by tap and go? I got a plan, it’s not pretty, but it’s practical. So here’s your deck you’re coming out two meters here: 900 yeah 1,900. I’M thinking I’m gon na put a little retaining wall in and because she wanted me to dig your halls. You’Re gon na I have organized the treasure. Oh it’s gotten, oh yeah goods that you might come in. They’Ll, dig him in I’ll. Tell you what say: it’s not true what they say, but Jack sees it. Oh, no! Okay! With the bucket attachment, I can start to move the soil and level out for my amphitheater cost about $ 500 a day for the machine and the attachment. But if you think how much it costs for a contractor to come in, it really does make it worthwhile. So, while Jays tidies up out the back I’ll put together the kitchen at the front, so we’ve got our cabinet t1 box open now the tip is you’ve heard it before make sure that you have all your bits before you get started and unless you are a Person who does this all the time keep your instructions there. Honestly, if you follow it step-by-step, you cannot go wrong so starting with our back piece and our top piece, and everyone has their own of the way of doing it. I like to just put my screws through it line it up with the pilot hole and then here we go, I’m just one down many to go now that little tip don’t lose all these little bits. They actually cover you little screw holes, and these are also little door buffers, so it the ones that you’re actually putting doors onto it just means they won’t slam against it easily lost when you’re clearing up your rubbish. Now the diggings done I’ve swapped the bucket for an auger attachment to dig the post holes. It’S like a Swiss Army knife on tracks, we’re using rappers heads put the post. This is the start of the wall that surrounds the amphitheater darling, good job, strong nice counter. Silly joke. Thank you very much. That’S 450! For a dishwasher they’re! Roughly perfect, hey! I tell you what now how’d you manage to turn the outside into what looks like a motocross track, so kitchens coming together. We’Ve got all these, but what do you wan na do? Design-Wise, what’s your plan? Well, where I am, is the dishwasher? Yes yeah and then we’re gon na have the sink in here. Yes and we’ll have some drawers, another yeah, oven and then we’ll have a little cupboard next to the oven and then where you are right, we’re turning this brownie fat into a high everyone to feel like a I promise, let’s get the rest of the Eagle caucus. Easy in The Hague know the I think I haven’t discussed his splashback. Don’T all’s yeah. I think we should toss a small space. Definitely maybe some big togs yeah, a large pot, was like what six boy Troy by three or you know, money on a few cats around passengers. What stores? It’S? Probably you got me doing it so lucky so bad Lars yeah, the Jason’s dug the holes for more veranda. We can just bring in the subfloor level it up and set it in concrete, but the decking boards, I’m just choosing true to pawn. Not only is a budget friendly, but it’s also time friendly, because you can get yourself a clef done and it makes the process a lot quicker, unlike hardwood, where you have to screw through them. They’Re fast is that, and with the DECA complaint, i can’t wait to see what Jase does with the rest of the backyard. These backyards got a nice gentle slope to it, but for the area where you’re gon na entertain the dance floor, you want it to be nice and flat, so you can stand comfortably. That means we end up with a large step about 400 milk, which just happens to be the height of a seat. So these two retaining walls, there’s gon na, be my seating for about 20 or 30 people creating that amphitheater. This bamboo screen is old and dagi and if we left it here, we’ll be letting down the whole backyard, so it’s got a guy and I’m replacing it with a new timber feature wall yeah better already a little bit. This is a simple design with great effect. I’M just using the same boards as I did on the deck and making the gaps bigger, as I work up the wall that way and allows light into the back of the house and also keeps it ventilated to finish off our screen. I’M just using this gray I’ll be using the same color on the deck as well, and while I’m at it, the fence needs a refresh too. I’Ve chosen. This color paint to complement the granny flat here paint is a great budget way to bring these old fences back to life the game by the time we finish, this backyard is gon na be looking brand new. Now most people in the thinking of an entertaining area will think pavers, maybe concrete and dressing it up with a color or a deck crushed granite of pinched. Well, I thought outside the square and I’m using hardwood sleepers. You can buy these for the fraction of the price that you’d buy a nice expensive paver. It gives you a really nice setting. It ties into the retaining walls, material, wise for the walls and the floor. I’Ve spent about 1,300 bucks now, if that was brick for the walls and pavers down here, it would probably be five times the price plus you’d have to get tradesmen in this. It’S a good look at a fraction of the price we need now is the AG. So people can park themselves and then fill it up with road backs. You can get a ton of this for around 60 bucks and I’ll need three or four to go in here to decorate it, I’m putting on more expensive River pebble over the top. It’S a bit like icing a cake, and I’ve got a good use for the spare pebbles. If you’re planning on renting out the new flat think about tidying up the side entrance to allow for private access which equals more money. That is made great progress with a new kitchen, the benchtop and sing Korean along with a cutout for the stovetop and oysters. This look shows picked a lovely bench top next, that simple splash back in large format. Tiles, the best thing about using big tiles and set a lots of small ones, is there’s very minimal grouting to be done. Yeah Hagrid’s that looks good. Oh got it up. Tear like the dark fish up as well – that’s very nice. It is. It makes it easier when you’ve got a good toilet. Doesn’T it good if all put the door on the right way, which we did a little cooktop first get this in right, yeah? How cool is that secure this Russia, huh and perfect because of any mom Bob and his name, one bigger than that? That’S fantastic! You laying toast and easy jump it’s a little bit messy, but there’s a couple of things that I really like to concentrate on to make sure that the turf gets established as quick as possible. First one, my old gag Play the grass green side up. Second, one is make sure you lay it on something: that’s gon na be free, draining light and fluffy, but not too fluffy that when you walk over it, you see your footprint. You want the roots from here to get established as quick as possible, so the grass doesn’t go backwards, throws through summer looks good all year round, and that means with deep long roots, it’ll be drought, tolerant. As far as getting an established. I don’t think you can overwater new turf like this. For the first three to four weeks, I try and keep everyone off and including dogs and water it to the point where it’s underfoot, then the roots are established and you can back it off to once a week now you would have seen modular showers like this. In bannings they come in three parts. So, basically, first of all, you choose what shape sort of bottom you want and how to look at where your drain goes cuz, you can have them centered or put to the side. You then also choose your backing sheets and then the shower itself. Now we’ve just gone through plain glass. The reason why this is quite a small room, but it does give the effect to the bigger space when you can see through it. The sim line that we’ve chosen is so that when you walk through the door, you don’t feel crap the second you walk in. We also have a slimline cabinet here, toilet in the corner and in the other corner one day they can have washing machine and a dryer. So even though it is a small room, we have jam-packed unloading. Now all we need are finishing touches. Things are looking good. This room is starting to take shape. We obviously have to think of sort of multi-purpose pieces of items in here, and this is a great solution for not having a dining table as sashed. Now the extra bench space it could be used at the table. Well, it’s just to 600 cabinets or cabinets and um yeah with the same beef stock. We just need to put the back in panel on so we can clean this side up and away. We go okay, beautiful doctor I’ll, be your assistant, hopefully giving you. The raw sauce. Crews have even put a couple in for me or pre-done love it. Nice boy, dinner, keep so ease. Now it’s on we’re easy! That’S good! Look at that! Just lies! That’S great love! It alright bench top huh yeah. Are you ready to go dining table breakfast? The storage unit? All we want it’s a great space saver, there’s no getting around the fact that plants aren’t cheap all up. I’Ve spent around six grand, but the effect is definitely worth it. You’Ve always got to choose where you want to spend your money, but we’re still on track to come in under 50 grand. So it’s all good, a little garden bed that Adam left me is gon na, be perfect for these Himalayan blue bamboos. Now the reason I picked them is because you can already see here that you’re not gon na head, you meup, formally they’re gon na be soft and as practical as this little granny flat is, it does need softening, so they can grow up. You could even prune them here underneath the window, if you like, whatever height you prune them out, that stem will stay at that height. I’Ve continued the same thing over here, even though we’ve screened off the back of the house same bamboo is going to soften that. Make that back room a little bit cooler for everyone, and then I’ve gone a little bit more Australian traditional over here with my favorite head, a little lillypilly heads up, nice and neat, and it might even screen off more than one fence, can’t have a great little Granny flat with a de garden, and you can’t have a gun without great plants, we’re on a roll, all that’s left is to add some furnishings, a few decorations and I screwed up that feminine touch. There. We go great thing about these. Are you always take the fire pit away when the little ones are running around but late at night, when the tucked up in bed and around here relaxes? Also that’s where the fun begins? Yeah, the big question is: did we come in under budget you’re gon na love? This we came in just under 50 grand long. So how do we spend the money? Remember a debbee paid 25 grand for the container, the interior fit our past furniture and appliances 9200. Outside we spent just under 9 grand on landscaping plants and turf, and our digger, which was $ 500 per day, the deccan screen came to two and a half grand so all up around 46,000 dollars. Look at this precious little bundle, hi, guys hello, going good Christy she’s perfect. Would you call her Aliano Eliana, I’m proud of how she’s going dating well she’s done absolutely wonderful and Eleana just improving every day, she’s! So long, isn’t she like look at the size of her feet and her little fingers he’s gorgeous yeah? Have you had a sneak peek, or have you been really really disciplined now I’ve wanted to go out. I can’t at least you’ve been a bit distracted. It just to be a fun part. You ready yeah all right, let’s car, well, what a difference a dream makes even better when it comes true like Debbie’s has come, have a look come on. Oh well sounds like a yard deep friend. It doesn’t look like a yard. Oh my gosh. I think we wanted this honest, he’s gone. It doesn’t look like a no look sandy Chris, oh my god, gon na have goose bumps in this. Hey give us a better look like your yard. Oh, my gosh Wow and the fence, some different trees and great grass all the same. Look at that fire pit. That is such a know. What was there before and the great thing is the retaining wall. The whole way around becomes seating, so you could be sitting out here. Alright. Well, Debbie, that’s a pretty good reaction! Look how much see what happens when they go in there. Yeah you stay inside! You anymore, come on! Oh my god. I know it’s a oven, cooktop. You’Ve got a dishwasher in the corner fridges over here. I feel like I’m in like some shell home and some fancy estate yeah. That’S what it feels like. I want to see the bedroom. Yes, all right, let’s go! What do you think wow? I, like the color, you know I can oh yeah, what do you think you’re doing greens and the pinks and you’ve got a bathroom, save it the shower and the toilet. Um you’ve got room for you to put in the washing machine in the dryer. So that’s all there as well see totally self-contained in here. That’S raw know where to come for a holiday at least others Carol file. Let’S go see the rest of the family here, absolutely Wow. It runs out here hi. What did you think guys? Oh, it’s absolutely amazing just exceeded expectations and the amount of stuff that’s in there is just unbelievable yeah. We definitely used every single bit of space that we had yeah and there’s still a lot of room yeah speaking of the rest of the family, you’re all here. What do you think looks good yeah yeah, you think um can’t wait to have lots of parties out here. Doesn’T look like mom’s backyard anymore, oh well, so all over from the whole team wish you guys lot’s of luck for the future. Well, thank you very much. It was like absolutely amazing, thank you. I don’t think he choked to make something happen. Lights, huh somewhat me I’d, say that you’re beautiful. I really appreciate it it’s being a big process, for you hasn’t it, and this is most months of planning years and years of saving yeah, and it was a big decision to make and then to have. This is like absolutely the best deal. Thank You boys. Let’S all fall together. This is gon na, be a fair testing space. I’M excited to see the parties that you have up here, let’s suck at ease up. This is very emotional. Don’T you want to stay strong on remainer India? You